Hands-on Polymers
Recreation of a real polymer processing environment at IST

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The Hands-on Polymers is a Pedagogical Innovation Project of IST responsible for the creation of a physical, modular space where students can develop their own projects on polymers and sustainable technologies. This pedagogical and technological platform favors “savoir-faire”, multi-disciplinary working teams and aims at generating highly skilled professionals. The facilities and know-how existent at this lab will also be dedicated to help the plastics industry to solve technical issues resulting in fruitful collaborations.



Laboratory with a strong connection to Industry and Society, where students can apply theoretical concepts autonomously and work in interdepartmental and multidisciplinary teams with the same objective



Interaction and cooperation between students at interdepartmental level, through common projects strongly oriented towards the action and application of the concept of Circular Economy.


Multi and interdisciplinary Teaching / Research activities,with a strong connection to Industry and Society


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